Ronald E. Kumon:
Formats, Authentication, and Copyrights


The presentations and publications listed here are given in three formats:
  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format for viewing via a web browser.

    This format is suitable for quick online viewing and is the default format unless otherwise indicated.  Note that the talks and papers listed below often contain mathematical formulas.  If you have trouble viewing the symbols and Greek letters in these formulas, your document encoding may need to be configured. See the TTH web site for suggestions on how to do this for your platform.   The "virtual talks" are most easily experienced by using a frames-enabled browser but can still be viewed by a browser that does not have this feature.  On a modem connection the talk does take several seconds to load.  However, once it finishes, it is completely self-contained.

  • Portable Document Format (PDF) for viewing using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    This format is suitable for viewing and printing the fully formatted versions of the documents. The full text of PDF documents is searchable (including figures) and the pages can be reduced and enlarged. The files may be converted to Postscript, if necessary.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) for viewing using Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

    This format is suitable for multimedia presentations of the documents. PDF versions of PowerPoint presentations are given whenever possible.
If you experience any problems with any of these documents, please contact me using the email address listed at the bottom of the page.


Several of the papers and web pages have digital signatures which may be authenticated with my GPG public key. The open source, public key cryptography program GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) is available for various platforms. The freeware Perl scripts in the PGPHTML package are particularly useful for digitally-signing and verifying web pages.


All the documents on this web site are copyrighted by Ronald E. Kumon, unless otherwise noted. To obtain permission to use any of the materials on this web site, please contact the webmaster.

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