Dependence of Surface 
Wave Nonlinearity on  
Propagation Direction 
in Crystalline Silicon 

R. E. Kumon  
M. F. Hamilton  
Yu. A. Il'inskii  
E. A. Zabolotskaya  

Anisotropy in Crystalline Silicon  Notes
Linear SAW Diagram Notes
Nonlinear Theory Notes
Comparison with Experiment Notes
Nonlinearity Matrix Notes
Shock Formation Distance Notes
Simulations with Sinusoids Notes
Conclusion Notes
Nonlinearity Matrix & Linear Theory Notes
Results from Linear Theory Notes
Waveforms: Region 1 Notes
Waveforms: Region 2 Notes
Waveforms: Region 3 Notes
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 104, 1815(A) (1998).